Below you will find an overview of the available options for a custom bonnet. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, please get in touch so we can create something unique just for you! If you are not sure what you want, please check out our Photo Gallery for inspiration.

Custom orders are usually sent between 6 and 8 weeks from payment. Rush orders can sometimes be accommodated.

Bonnet Shape

Each bonnet includes one row of thick trim.

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Trim Types

All types of trim can be combined.

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Scalloped Trim

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Thick or Thin Trim
($15/row for thick and $10/row for thin)


Rhinestones are available to match almost every trim colour (displayed below). Our most popular colours are clear, iridescent, charcoal and black.

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(one row)

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(lots of rows!)

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(two rows)


The ears of our bonnets are made from high quality spandex and stretch to fit the majority of horses. If you horse’s ears are especially large or small, we can always customize the size of the ears on your bonnet.
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Barn, Horse or Rider Name on Ear
(available in contrasting or matching colours)

Available Yarn Colours

Black (#82), Grey (#81), Brown (#90), White (#78) and Navy (#52) are available as base colours. All of our bonnets are made from premium 100% cotton yarn. This yarn is cool for your horse to wear on hot show days and stands up excellently to gentle washing.
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